Tessa’s 4th Barbie Inspired Birthday Party!!!! Pic HEAVY :-)

Okay so I am so excited to finally be posting pictures from my daughters 4th birthday! She wanted a Barbie Birthday so I designed her a Barbie Inspired Birthday Party!! Everything turned out so cute and I just loved the hot pink, black and light pink colors everything came together and looked amazing! After all my hard work and decorating my daughters favorite part was one of the few things I bought and didn’t make, her Barbie Cake!! LOL   My Barbie Collection will soon be for sale in my SHOP.

To see all the Vendor and Credit links scroll down to the bottom of this post. ENJOY the pics!

I had Illeana’s Bowtique make a Barbie Inspired shirt to match her party! She loved her outfit!!

 I used the flowers from Giggles N Bowz through out my whole party and then I also made my daughter a Matching flower clip. So cute!!
Barbie Cake was done at a local Bakery! My daughter loved it!!

Found this hot pink small chest at Ross for $9.99 looked perfect with the all my other party decorations.
 All the kids loved these CANDY KABOBS!!!  They were really fun to make and was such a huge hit. These were the first things gone!LOL

I bought the Pink Jones Cream Soda at my local grocery store. went really well with the party.

One of my favorite parts of the party!! These fondant cupcake toppers from Two Sugar Babies turned out perfect. My girls loved these!

 These cookies turned out Awesome!  I had Queen of Tarts Wafers make these 2in square Wafer Papers to match my theme and then I made and decorated the cookies.

 These polka dot boxes were perfect for favors. They really added a great touch to the table display!
 These are my 8in circles that were great to add some hanging decor to the table!

 Loved Making these will be doing a tutorial on these soon!

Barbie Inspired Printables: Cupcake Express
I designed this set for my daughters first birthday. She really anted a barbie birthday so I went with a barbie inspired theme. We did black, hot pink, light pink , and white for the color theme.

Fonadant Cupcake Toppers:  Two Sugar Babies

These were one of my favorites at the party they really topped off the cupcakes with the fondant pieces with the matching barbie head so neat they did a great job.

Editable Cookie Images: Queen of Tarts Wafers

I bought these editable wafer papers in my custom design and they turned out prefect on top of my sugar cookies. They really turned my sugar cookies into a work of art. So neat!
Used the black, pink and lt. pink paper straws for the drinks and also used them for the marshmallow sticks.
Gum Balls, Paper fans: Polka Dot Market
Poms : Crazy 4 Tutus:
Barbie Inspired Shirt: Illeana’s Bowtique
Love this custom shirt she made for my daughters party did a wonderful job!
 Editable frosting sheets: Eye Candey
I used these frosting sheets on the front of my oreo pops so cute and really added a neat  touch to the front of them. ( I sent her my cupcake topper graphics and she made them into a frosting sheet)
Silk flowers:  Giggles N Bowz
loved these silk flower I used them through out the party. We used them on the dinning table as decoration and them I also used them on the buffet table which just added a pretty touch. I also them made my daughter a flower hairbow out of them which turned out so cute in her hair!

Mini Pomettes: Pomflair
http://www.etsy.com/shop/Pomflair )

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