Gingerbread Man Christmas Party!


gingerbread man

Here is our  Gingerbread Man Party we threw!. We wanted to throw a kid friendly and budget friendly party and that is just what we did. First we designed our Gingerbread Man Printables to be simple with polka dots and bright with red, lime green, and green colors.  Then I decided to use a red and white polka dot backdrop that I already had from previous parties, which looked perfect with our merry Christmas banner.  For the dessert I wanted simple, easy & cheap so I hit up my local grocery store to find desserts the would go perfectly with our party but not cost alot.  I found the Gingerbread man Peeps which were absolutely perfect for this party. then I added them to lollipop sticks and we had our self some marshmallow pops!  Next I found the Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes, I got some of the Holiday red & green Rice Krispie treats that come pre wrappers in a box of 12. I knew I had some white chocolate at home I could dip them in and dress them up to fit my theme. I knew it could be a gingerbread party with our some gingerbread cookie. I bought some of the gingerbread cookie dough and of course my kids had to help make them, they had so  much fun helping me make our little gingerbread man cookies.  and last I needed a Cake for the center piece. I just bought a white Vanilla cake and asked them to decorate the bottom border red and top border lime  green. not to bad for only spending $11.99 on a cake!! To top off my cake I bought some red and green lollipops in the holiday candy section and used 2 to put in the cake and also added some of our Gingerbread cookies and some gumdrops to finish off my cake. So what I thought was going to be really tricky to do a cheap cake actually ended up being easier than I thought! I had left over wrapping paper from past years so I went though and picked out the ones that would match out theme. I then wrappers brown shipping boxes in each of the different wrapping papers and stacked them up to create some height for our cake/ centerpiece. for our large Lollipops next to the cake we made those using our Gingerbread Man Printables and large lollipop sticks and put them in some small glass mick bottles and filled them up with red & green Christmas M&M’s. for the cupcakes we made some spice cupcakes with french Buttercream frosting from my friend at Simply Sweet Ideas  and topped half of the with our Printable cupcake toppers and the other half I splurged and bought some fondant toppers off etsy from Liv Creativity.  We topped off the front of our table with a cute tassel tissue  garland from Flair Exchange


Party Styling, Photography, Printables & desserts:  Cupcake Express

French Buttercream frosting:  Simply Sweet Ideas 

Fondant Gingerbread:  Liv Creativity

Tassel Garland: Flair Exchange

Paper straws, baking cups, mini gable boxes: Cupcake Express

Clear Treat boxes: Kara’s Party Ideas

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Gingerbread Man Deluxe paxkage #2 small Gingerbread Man Deluxe paxkage #1 small

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