Tessa’s Ariel Inspired Mermaid Party

Tessa's Ariel Inspired Party

My Daughter Tessa loves the little mermaid so this year we decided to do an Ariel Inspired Mermaid party! We stuck with the purples and teal colors thought out the party. I designed some Ariel inspired Mermaid printables and from there we started planning! I ordered her adorable ruffle table cloth from Sew What Grandma on Etsy, which really topped off out dessert table.  We used our purple table clothe from my oldest daughter rockstar party as it was perfect color of purple for the back drop. We made some cute ribbon jelly fish to hang from the backdrop, the kids loved them and they were so easy to make, all you need is some paint, glitter, paper bowls & different kinds of ribbon 🙂   To finish off the back drop we used some pretty paper poms on each side.

Now for the dessert table ( always my favorite part of a party!)…. The amazing mermaid cookies we from Pea Pods Cookies on  Etsy. My daughter couldn’t stop staring at her Ariel cookies she kept saying I just love these they are too cute to eat! LOL  We made Vanilla cupcakes and used half with our printable toppers and cupcake wrappers and the other half we had so cute fondant mermaid fins from Top My Cupcake on Etsy. I bought some white chocolate covered oreo’s at my local grocery store and to dress them up we placed them on pretty shabby chic frayed flowers in purple & teal and on the very top we made some color chocolate seashells from our wiltons candy mold. We had mini chocolate Hershey bars and wrapper them in our Ariel inspired printables and placed them on lavender mini chocolate balls. We got some really cute Seahorse & clam shell lollipops from Candid Cakes on etsy.   The Mermaid cake was made by me! with lots of searching pinterest and finding some fabulous cakes I had to come to reality that I had to stop searching because there are some Amazing mermaid cakes out there, but I am no cake pro at all, just self taught and only do basic cakes!  ( so don’t look too close !!LOL)  I ended up doing the bottom layer too look like fish scales in teal, purple & lt. teal.  for the middle layer I added purple ribbon and added a Big Starfish and some seashells.  for the top layer I used some of my left over chocolates from my seashell mold & a fondant 6 to top off the cake!. My daughter was in love with her cake so I was happy 🙂 I had also found so cute white clam shells  So I used thm and placed them on brown sugar ( to look like sand) and added some pink gumballs to the middle of the clams.  and Last I made some white glass pedestal bowls ( DIY $2.00 from the dollar store, I used a glass candle stick and small bowl and glued them together.  Then I spray painted them white) They were the perfect fill to my table. We added hershey’s kiss’s to one and then some teal rocks and shells to the other. Such a cheap way to dress up and add fillers to your tables.

As for my daughters outfit I waited too long and didn’t get her a cute ariel shirt ordered so we ended up just doing a white shirt and dressing it up with a cute chunky bubble gum necklace from Girly Girlz Boutique on etsy along with her adorable matching shabby chic flower headband also from Girly Girlz Boutique. To complete her outfit we got her a purple & teal tutu from Cupcake Express.


Party Styling, Photography & Cake: Cupcake Express

Ariel Inspired Printables, Paper straws, Poms: Cupcake Express

Sugar Cookies: Pea Pods Cookies

Bubblegum Necklace & headband: Girly Girlz Boutique

Ruffled table clothe: Sew What Grandma

Seashell  & seahorse lollipops: Candid Cakes

Fondant Mermaid fins: Top My Cupcake

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You can get our Ariel Inspired Printable collection in our shop HERE:

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