Hayden’s Spiderman Party



So I know this post has been along time coming so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet 🙂 ! Sorry we have been so busy the last few months as we sold our house and moved right after we had my son’s party. Well it wasn’t hard for my son to decide what theme he wanted for his 4th birthday as he is obsessed with SPIDERMAN!! So as soon as I asked what kind of birthday he wanted it too him all but a few seconds to yell SPIDERMAN.  So the spiderman party planning begun….  I designed his Spiderman Printables to inspire spiderman, we stayed with the red, blues, black and white color theme throughout the party.  We had some amazing vendors who help make our dessert table a big success.  I must say my son’s favorite thing was his Cake and Spiderman COOKIES.  The cookies were from  I Love Desserts by Terri  when they arrived I was amazed at the perfection and detail that these Spiderman cookies had there were absolutly perfect.  We even use the #4 cookie as a cake topper for his cake it was the perfect finishing touch that we was looking for.  We got some cute red blue and white cake pops from Party Time Chocolates and added our striped black paper straws over the cake pop stick and they fit right into his dessert table.  I found so super cute spiderman wooden spoons  from Bespoke Party Products that would be perfect for our Jello desserts we was making. we used some white chocolate oreos and placed our printable cupcake toppers circle punches on top of them to dress them up and to match our theme. So funny how printables change your desserts look yet be so easy and simple!! We then decorated our Cupcakes, minie candy bar wrappers, drinks and more using our SPIDERMAN PRINTABLES.   and last we placed adorable Chocolate Spider Lollipops from KG Treats

For the kids table we used Spiderman face plates from Oriental Trading and  them to some Spiderman placemats we already had on hand from a halloween party a few years back.  we dressed up our drinks using our Printable drink wraps and straw flags and added our Striped paper straws to them.  we had cookie favors from I love Desserts by Terri Spider cookies. and filled our gumball tubes from The Tomkat Studio with colored gumballs.  I think that about cvers all the party details and best of all my son Hayden had a Blast at this Spiderman Party!! 🙂 See Vendors links Below:



Party Styling and Photography: Cupcake Express

Printables, Paper Strasw, Baking cups, Cake, Cupcakes: Cupcake Express

Spiderman Cookies:  I Love Desserts by Terri

Cake pops: Party Time Chocolates

Chocoloate Spider lollipops:  KG Treats

Spiderman wooden spoons: Bespoke Party Products

Plastic gumball tubes: The Tomkat Studio

Spiderman plates: Oriental trading


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new-IMG_4930 new-IMG_4988 new-IMG_4951 new-IMG_4985 new-IMG_4995 new-IMG_5019 new-IMG_5012you can purchase our SPIDERMAN INSPIRED Printables on our website HERE:

Spiderman Deluxe Sample #1 Spiderman Deluxe Sample #2

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