About Cupcake Express

Hi I am Ashley the owner and Design of Cupcake Express. Cupcake Express started 2 years ago, I have always loved planning my kids birthday parties. For my son’s first birthday I wanted it to be extra special and I just wasn’t find any cute train birthday items like had in my head. So I started watching lots of You tube videos and from there I started designing my very first printable party package ( my train collection) His party was a huge success and I was so happy with the out come and how everything turned out. From there I went on to design parties for all my kids and the journey had begun. Cupcake Express was taking off fast and I realized how happy all my customers were and all the amazing feedback I was getting. Which led me to start filling my shop with tons more party themes, and there is so much more to come, just have to balance my business and my kids and family life so as i have a huge list of themes I want to add to my shop I will add them slowly as I have time.

Last summer I hired some assistants (my twin sister in laws) they were looking for a side job and this was perfect for them, now they come 3 days a week and help me with orders.

Family Life:
My family is the most important thing in my life. I have an amazing husbands who I have been married to for 10 years (this March 2013) and 3 beautiful children, Halle ( 7rys.) Tessa (5yrs.) Hayden (2yrs.)