Hayden’s Spiderman Party



So I know this post has been along time coming so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet 🙂 ! Sorry we have been so busy the last few months as we sold our house and moved right after we had my son’s party. Well it wasn’t hard for my son to decide what theme he wanted for his 4th birthday as he is obsessed with SPIDERMAN!! So as soon as I asked what kind of birthday he wanted it too him all but a few seconds to yell SPIDERMAN.  So the spiderman party planning begun….  I designed his Spiderman Printables to inspire spiderman, we stayed with the red, blues, black and white color theme throughout the party.  We had some amazing vendors who help make our dessert table a big success.  I must say my son’s favorite thing was his Cake and Spiderman COOKIES.  The cookies were from  I Love Desserts by Terri  [Read more…]